A Midside Moment: #1 The Noise

I address all the noise the internet facilitates and why I've decided to add to it.

After much consideration and encouragement, I’ve decided to start releasing vlogs. I mention the encouragement because one of the main sources of inspiration for these videos is the support I’ve received as a result of my podcast–from my cohosts, friends, and fans. I write that last word with hesitant fingers as the people I’ve connected with as a result of my show feel like more than fans. They’re kindred spirits, which is why my co-hosts and I created the term Midsider.

Teresa Summerlee Isanhart is perhaps the original Midsider and was one of the first people to push me to vlog. Tragically, yesterday as I put the finishing touches on my first video, her son posted on her Facebook page that she had passed away. Her reaction was one that I was looking forward to seeing and using as a barometer of the quality of my work. It saddens me deeply that she’ll never see this video and any future ones.

On a happier note, I’m still here to make many more, and you’re still here to (hopefully) watch them. This one though, this one’s for Teresa.