The Ban Asses Edition

Something went wrong in America. That must mean it's time to ban stuff! Our suggestion? Asses. Join us as we play "I Didn't Mean..." and discuss why letting any government collect its citizens' guns is dangerous.

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The News with Daniel T.

  • Young Pats Fan Surprised with Tickets to Game vs. Trans Teen Surprised with First Dose of Hormones
  • The Simon-Ehrlich Wager 25 Years On
  • After a 1996 Mass Shooting, Australia Enacted Strict Gun Laws. It Hasn’t Had a Similar Massacre Since.

The Hopeful Romantic with JML

  • Blood & Oil Review
  • Grandfathered Review
  • The Grinder Review
  • Doctor Who Episodes 1-3 Discussion
  • Doctor Who Spinoff
  • ABC Developing Marvel Universe Comedy Series

Read It On Reddit

  • TIL early “Toy Story” scripts were so bad that production was halted. Steve Jobs kept work going with personal funding until a better script was ready. When production green-lit for $17M, Jobs demanded more funds from Disney, who refused until Pixar’s co-founder was able to compromise a new budget
  • [Serious] What does proving your point to some random person online do for you? serious replies only
  • Reddit, what’s the worst thing YOU’VE ever done to someone?