The Best & Rest of 2015 Edition

Another year, another season ending award show. Before (or while) you watch the ball drop this NYE, join us as we reflect on the best in news and entertainment...and the rest of awesome stuff that everyone forgot. We also announce the recipients of our second annual awards. Who will win the prestigious Romantic Manifestation title?

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The News with Daniel T.

The Best & Rest of 2015

  • What is the Best & Rest?
    • Best – Popular & Good
    • Rest – Unpopular/Forgotten & Good
  • Dramatic Movie of the Year
  • Comedic Movie of the Year
  • Animated Movie of the Year
  • Franchise Movie of the Year
  • Dramatic Television Show of the Year
  • Comedic Television Show of the Year
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy Show of the Year
  • Actor of the Year
  • Actress of the Year
  • Director of the Year
  • Writer of the Year
  • Musician of the Year
  • Comedian of the Year
  • The Narcissist of the Year Award
    • 2014: Jonathan Gruber
  • The John Rawls Social Justice Warrior Trophy for Advancement of a Bat-Shit Crazy Ideology
    • 2014: Ariane Lange
  • The Tom Brady Medal for Greatness in the Face of Doubters
    • 2014: Tom Brady
  • The Zack Snyder AWESOMENESS Award
    • 2014: Firestone
  • The Romantic Manifestation Award
    • 2014: Christopher Nolan