The Discrimination Edition

Discrimination has become a taboo word in our politically correct culture, but is it actually a good thing? We discuss Donald Trump, gay dating, and fat shaming to figure it out. Also, we finally address the addition of Star Wars to Disney's theme parks.

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The News with Daniel T.

  • Jerry Seinfeld Explains The Perfect Way To Handle Donald Trump
  • This HIV-Positive Guy Gave The Perfect Slapdown To Someone Who Rejected Him On Grindr
  • A compliment isn’t misogynistic. Why can’t feminists understand this?

The Hopeful Romantic with JML

  • Krampus Trailer
  • Disney COO Tom Staggs Defends ESPN After Subscriber Drop, Touts New ‘Star Wars’ Parks
  • Zack Snyder: Sorry Marvel, ‘Batman v. Superman’ Transcends Superhero Movies

Read It On Reddit

  • Discrimination against fat people is the last socially-“acceptable” form of casual discrimination. Why do you do it? Can we move past it?
  • What item you’ve bought within the last year changed your daily life the most?
  • [Serious] What plot device/tool do you fucking hate?serious replies only