The Here to Stay Edition

As the dead come back to the people they love in A&E's The Returned, we discuss the things that are inexplicably here to stay including tension in Ferguson, Community, and Male Disposability. Note: This episode is not sponsored by Flonase.

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The News with Daniel T.

  • Demonstrator, 20, Is Arrested in the Shooting of 2 Officers in Ferguson
  • Al Gore on Punishing Climate Change Deniers
  • The legal case against internet rules
  • Eavesdropping Barbie is “downright creepy,” privacy advocates say


  • The Returned Review
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Review
  • Community Season 6 Preview
  • How long with Game of Thrones air?
  • TLC & A Transgender Teen

Off the Grid with Elliot Rivera

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  • Let’s say The Purge has been around since 1980. Since then, it was written into every sitcom like a “christmas episode”. What were our favorite characters doing for The Purge?
  • TIL that the wife’s happiness is more important than her husband’s when it comes to keeping a happy, lasting marriage, in a study that surveyed older couples married for an average of 39 years.
  • LPT: How to build charisma

Have A Day

  • Ray McDonald Fights Back