Nominate and Vote


This award is all yours, Midsiders. Out of all of the stories we covered, which do you think is the most farcical of all? We’ve gone through each episode and identified the best choices, but if we skipped over your favorite, please write it in.


Of all the narcissists in the land of the free and home of the brave, who was the most narcissistic over the past 12 months? We have a feeling we’re all going to nominate and vote for the same person. (Though the predictions for such voting have been wrong before.)


Who not only believed in some insane application of Social Justice, but made real steps in reality (ha!) to “make a difference”?


Who did the most Tom Brady thing and excelled when everyone said he/she/it couldn’t? Maybe Tom Brady?


What event or accomplishment would reduce Zack Snyder to awe to the point that he could only call it awesome? Don’t use Snyder’s metric. Use your own and trust that he’s as awesome as you are.


Who created the greatest work of Romantic art in 2019?