The Reddit and Firefly Edition

As Katrina steps in for Daniel, we discuss the free speech issues at Reddit, a judge acting as a psychologist, and the 2015 Emmy nominations. Later in the episode, we consider just how important Firefly really is.

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The News with(out) Daniel T.

  • Former Reddit CEO Says the Site’s About to Be Purged
  • In These Workout Clothes, There Are No Sizes
  • Clinton-Appointed Judge Overrules Professionals, Orders Additional Psychological Counseling for Dinesh D’Souza

TV with JML

  • 2015 Emmy Nominations
  • Comic-Con’s Best (and Worst) TV Trailers
    • Ash vs. Evil Dead
    • Heroes: Reborn
    • Colony
    • Outcast

Read It On Reddit

  • What is your go-to random fact?
  • Girlfriend doesn’t like Firefly. Should I break up with her?
  • Ayn Rand is banned from /r/philosophy