The Right Wing Fever Dream Edition

The guys witness the recent mail bombs and synagogue shooting, the Honduran caravan, and SnapCrap. Justin also reviews Big Mouth.

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The News without Daniel T.

The Hopeful Romantic with JML

  • Review
    • Big Mouth
  • Trailer Takedown

Life on The Midside

  • Justin, I have a topic that’s very personal to me that I would like to talk about, or perhaps bring up on the life on the midside. You’ve touched on it briefly a few times. Casual sex. I understand that sleeping with people indiscriminately is terrible for you in the long run. But I don’t see what’s wrong with sleeping with someone who does have some positive values, just not enough that you’d want to pursue a long term relationship with them. The relationship can still have meaning but should be broken once someone in it has found someone better, who they do want to spend more of their time with. Can man not just experience one of the greatest joys of existence, while he is searching for someone he actually wants to be with on a long term basis? Would doing this really make the relationship he wants less meaningful once he achieves it? Because this whole part of objectivism comes across as if it’s my old faith preaching abstinence until you get married. I cannot identify the contradiction that I may have which is making me view sex this way.