Coming 11/17

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Praise for The Cut

“[The] first time in a while after finishing [that] I immediately wanted to dive back in from the beginning.”

“The psychological portraits are so impressive.”

“In a culture of anti-success ‘The Cut’ sheds light on the values and motivations of the people behind the art we love and those who wish to tear them down.”


Adapting Alliance was a lifelong dream that Shawn Ryder thought would never happen. Now he stands on the precipice of directing that movie, but he’ll find out that the studio system is nearly impossible for any man to navigate, especially one of integrity and passion.

Ivan Jefferies built his career and reputation in publishing on the Alliance. As production on the big screen adaptation ramps up, he’s finally found a foothold in the film industry. The problem is, he’s not the director and the man who is won’t listen to him or seemingly anyone else about it.

The Cut is about what didn’t actually happen during the production of Alliance, a major studio misfire so massive that careers and lives were changed forever. The story traces the key events of pre-production, production, and post-production to reveal what happens in a world where people live by the mantra “you can’t make it alone.”