We watch the Watchmen. You listen to the Midside men. In this entry in our special "Snyder Series," we discuss everything Zack Snyder did to try to redeem the depressing graphic novel Watchmen when he made his movie adaptation. Just remember, the penis is not the point.

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The Graphic Novel

  • Theme
  • Influence on Culture

The Movie

  • The Ending
    • How was it changed and what does it mean for the theme?
    • Dan Dreiberg’s differing quotes
    • Rorschach’s Journal being found
  • The Comedian
    • The Hipster Superhero
    • Nihilism + Narcissism = Hedonism
  • Ozymandias
    • Is he really the most intelligent man on Earth?
    • Watchmen and Corporatism
  • Dr. Manhattan
    • God or Human?
  • Rorschach
    • Based on Mr. A
    • Is he a sociopath/psychopath?
    • Ink Blot Angel
  • Laurie and Dan
    • What does it mean that Laurie is The Comedian’s daughter?
    • The most “normal” Watchmen
    • Hallelujah Sex
  • Rate It
  • Rank It

Yahoo Answers Answers

  • Should you read Watchmen?
  • Tales of the Black Freighter
  • Rorschach’s Pagliacci Joke
  • Is there any superhero that can beat Dr. Manhattan?
  • Watchmen vs. The Dark Knight Trilogy