Welcome to The Midside: The Code of Conduct Edition

During Dan,iel's first episode donning hosting duties, we weren't sure how to address Ferguson (the town, not Clarissa's little brother). Luckily, one blogger defined our Code of Conduct for us...Schrodinger's Privilege. Also, don't worry, Justin rants about The Walking Dead mid-season finale.

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The News

  • How to be White in America now that Ferguson reminded everyone you’re the devil
  • A College Girl’s Stupid Tweet
  • Pigs on Airplanes
  • Nobody is Born that Gay (sorry, Lady Gaga)

TV with JML

  • Justin compares The Walking Dead S5 Midseason Finale to The Walking Dead S2 Midseason Finale

Yahoo Answers Answers

  • What is a code of conduct?
  • Guy Code
  • Go Along to Get Along
  • Money and Morality
  • The Hip New Thing Among Blind People: Eye Rape

The NonCrisis of the Week

  • Sony was “Hacked”