Welcome to The Midside: The Everything Isn’t Awesome Edition

As Daniel takes the week off, Justin brings in another gay to back up Elliot's Oscar analysis and is promptly double-teamed. No, wait, that sounds wrong. Oh, who cares? It'll get you to listen.

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The News without Daniel T.

  • ‘Is Red Carpet Coverage Sexist? Battle Lines Drawn at Oscars Over #AskHerMore
  • 5 Questions That Movie Plots Never Seem to Answer
  • Kerry Issues Climate Warning: ‘There is No Planet B’


  • Oscars Ratings in Decline
  • SNL40
  • Burying 2 And A Half Men

Read It On Reddit

  • TIL Dr Phil hasn’t had a license to practice psychology professionally for 9 years, and considers himself “retired from psychology.”
  • Netflix is the most successful anti-piracy program ever intiated.
  • A friend of mine has joined the fat acceptance movement and is parroting studies that say diet and exercise don’t work EVER. Please help me.
  • My roommate kicked my cat so hard that we are having to put her down. Move or call the cops?

Name a Narcissist

  • Daniel Tosh