Welcome to The Midside: The Faceless Edition

Like John Cena, you can't see us. We record this podcast from behind our computers. But, unlike the 50 other people on the internet, you know who we are. We discuss what facelessness means for many of our culture's favorite causes.

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The News

  • Mark Zuckerberg is a sexist
  • The few, the faceless, the Obamacare supporters
  • Hug a Terrorist/Smack a Terrorist
  • Fast food does not care about black people.
  • Sometimes the best way to convince people is…tyranny?

TV with JML

  • The Walking Dead and Romanticism: Does Romanticism require a long term goal?
  • Bringing back the banality of evil

Yahoo Answers Answers

  • Anonymity and the Gamification of the Internet
  • Who is Anonymous?
  • Atheism and Freedom
  • Zombies or Aliens

The NonCrisis of the Week

  • Comets vs Shirts