Welcome to The Midside: The Get Motivated Edition

We're a month into 2015 and haven't even begun to reach our goals. Get motivated with us as we celebrate heroism and the best shows to come out so far this year.

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The News with Daniel T.

  • Butler’s late INT lifts Patriots to fourth Super Bowl title
  • Texas Boy Suspended After Bringing “Ring of Power” to School
  • Twitter in Uproar Over T-Mobile’s Sexist “Sorry It’s a Boy” Super Bowl Ad
  • This University Banned the Word Mr.
  • Not a Very PC Thing to Say


  • Backstrom
  • Galavant
  • Man Seeking Woman
  • Black Mirror

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  • The Seattle Seahawks playcalling
  • I Know Everyone Here Probably Hates Katy Perry But, that Halftime Show was Fucking Awesome
  • What harsh truth has life taught you?
  • What mildly infuriating thing can throw off your entire day?
  • How can I become motivated to go to the gym after working long hours?