The Give & Take Edition

Some people say life is just a big game of give & take. To that we say "pfffft" but still discuss the things given to and taken from us this week--Starbucks's Race Together, a new zombie (sort of) show, and our image of Humphrey Bogart as a "tough guy."

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The News with Daniel T.

  • Starbucks Ends ‘Race Together’ Campaign in Stores, efforts not over
  • 12-Year-Old Girl Accused of Trying to Poison Mother for Taking Away iPhone
  • Chris Borland to give back portion of signing bonus


  • iZombie Review
  • Community Review
  • Wayward Pines Trailer
  • No More Glee

Off the Grid with Elliot Rivera

Read It On Reddit

  • TIL that Hollywood “tough guy” actor Humphrey Bogart was a male victim of domestic violence. His third wife (Mayo Methot) once stabbed him in the shoulder & threatened him with a pistol at a party.
  • Women are human and can behave badly, but this is not the place to post grievances. Posts designed to generalize female behaviour, imply that we overreact, that we make life hard for men, or that we are the cause of our own problems undermine the subreddit.