The Preference Edition

Justin and William witness the Hunter Biden email controversy and Amy Coney Barrett's word choice of "preference."

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The News without Daniel T.

Life on The Midside

  • From Midsider Tom in Discord: “Does anyone else find it really irksome when someone makes fun of Trump in a dishonest or context-dropping way? I don’t like Trump but I know that the only way to actually fight against him is to be honest and objective about what he says and does, and if there is an opportunity for humor there then I can sanction it. But if someone makes a joke based on a lie or obfuscation, then the joke basically screams to me “haha orange man bad haha pfffb”
  • or things like “covfefe”. How is a spelling gaffe THAT funny to these people.
  • I was set off today because of some petition that Trump supposedly supports. My leftwing friends are all posting about how there are super fake names signing the petition. No shit. It’s an online petition. How is this an interesting, funny or seriously bad event?
  • Now if you make fun of the ideas expressed in the petition, then that would be a start. But I’ve noticed this pattern of people picking up the most asinine things related to Trump and finding them god damn hilarious”