Gay Football Players, Flappy Birds, & Fifty Shades of Gender Outline

The outline for the latest episode of The Welcome to The Midside podcast, premiering Monday 2/17/14.


  • Welcome Back

The News with Daniel T Richards

  • Michael Sam
  • Olympics – Sochilism, how poorly Team USA is doing, and does anyone care?
  • Hilary already running for President
  • One in four Americans unaware that the Earth circles the Sun

The Weekly Disjustion

  • Flappy Birds

Yahoo Answers Answers

  • I am not good at anything, why? I tried stocks but I get bored. I;m 16.
  • How has seeking employment changed in the last 35 years?
  • ONE sub, per Person @ Subway, am I wrong?
  • Has the environmental movement accomplished anything that has harmed mankind and/or the Earth?
  • Currently, what gender would you say you are, out of these FIFTY?
  • Non – Seahawk fans, are you at all glad that Seattle won the Super Bowl?

The Non-Crisis of the Week

  • East Coast Snow Storm

Scream Goodbye