The 2015 Comic Con Beta Male Edition

Join Justin, Elliot, and guest host RJD as they navigate this Daniel-less episode through legal suits, fisticuffs, a stabbing, and, perhaps the most brutal of all, Comic Con. We believe in Ben Affleck.

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The News with(out) Daniel T.

  • Supreme Court Changes the Nation
  • Video shows FSU quarterback punching woman at a bar
  • Behold, The Beta Males Who Feel Good About Watching A Man Die

TV with JML

  • Hannibal canceled
  • Comic Con Updates
    • Doctor Who Teaser
    • Sherlock set in Victorian era
    • The Walking Dead S6 Trailer
    • Eli Roth’s Green Inferno
    • Ben Affleck to direct Batman movie
    • Star Wars

Read It On Reddit

  • What is “your move” when you see an attractive stranger of the opposite sex?
  • Thanks to dating apps, many people will first lay eyes on the love of their lives while evacuating their bowels.
  • What is something that poor people do that keeps them poor?