The 2023 Peak Farce Awards Edition

Justin and William name the Peak Farce Award winners for 2023.

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Of all the narcissists in the land of the free and home of the brave, who was the most narcissistic over the past 12 months?

2022: Sam Bankman-Fried
2021: Anthony Fauci
2020: Gavin Newsom
2019: Donald Trump
2018: CNN (as exemplary of all the media)
2017: Donald Trump
2016: Hillary Clinton
2015: Donald Trump
2014: Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber


Who not only believed in some insane application of Social Justice, but made real steps in reality (ha!) to “make a difference”?

2022: The Old Twitter Content Moderation Team
2021: Robin DiAngelo for “Nice Racism”
2020: Professional Sports for Uniform Virtue Signaling
2019: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the Green New Deal
2018: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for making socialism cool again
2017: Antifa
2016: The Fidel Castro Eulogizers
2015: Bernie Sanders (everything he does) and Yale Students (history revisionism) (tie)
2014: Buzz Feed’s Ariane Lange for her article 12 Female Characters Who Keep Shaving Despite Constant Peril


Who did the most Tom Brady thing and excelled when everyone said he/she/it couldn’t? Maybe Tom Brady?

2022: Elon Musk
2021: Jeff Bezos for going to space
2020: Dr. Drew for his honesty when covering the pandemic
2019: Zack Snyder for November 17th, 2019
2018: Brett Kavanaugh for his Supreme Court Nomination Hearing performance
2017: The anonymous creator of Bitcoin
2016: Zack Snyder for the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman
2015: Tom Brady
2014: Tom Brady


What event or accomplishment would reduce Zack Snyder to awe to the point that he could only call it awesome? Don’t use Snyder’s metric. Use your own and trust that he’s as awesome as you are.

2022: Ron DeSantis
2021: Ron DeSantis for keeping Florida free
2020: Christopher Nolan for pushing Tenet into theaters
2019: The Hong Kong Protestors
2018: Dave Rubin for creating Locals
2017: The New England Patriots for their comeback in Super Bowl LI
2016: Uber & Lyft leaving Austin after the city passes anti-ride-share regulations
2015: Carrie Fisher for her defense of slave Leia
2014: Firestone for fighting Ebola in Africa more effectively than any government did


Who created the greatest work of Romantic art in 2022?

2022: Baz Lurhmann for Elvis
2021: Zack Snyder for Zack Snyder’s Justice League
2020: Dan Scanlon for Onward
2019: M N Shyamalan for Glass
2018: Brad Bird for Incredibles 2
2017: Patty Jenkins for Wonder Woman
2016: Damien Chazelle for La La Land
2015: Bryan Fuller for Hannibal
2014: Christopher Nolan for Interstellar


This award belongs to the Midsiders. Out of all of the stories we covered, which do you think is the most farcical of all?

2022: Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty
2021: The Mandates – masks, vaccines, boosters, and lockdowns
2020: The Pandemic Coverage
2019: Did you consent to being born? Why one man is is suing his parents for giving birth to him.
2018: Thanks for not raping us all you good men, but it’s not enough
2017: Straight Black Men are the White People of Black People
2016: University Safe Space Training says accepting homosexuality is homophobic and Professor: If you read to your kids, you’re unfairly disadvantaging others (tie)