The Climate Confessions Edition

Justin and William witness the latest addition to the dictionary, the Sandy Hook PSA, and climate confessions. Justin also reviews Brittany Runs a Marathon.

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The Hopeful Romantic with JML

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Life on The Midside

  • Midsider Morgan in response to Climate Confessions:

I have a friend whose son goes to public school.  He is passionate about theater and performance in general (he’s 9 , and wants to become a professional you tuber).   He goes to an after school acting class with 50 or so other students, and once a semester they have performance days where the students put on skits. 

I went along expecting some pokemon/minecraft-themed one act, but instead there were four separate performances.  These were the most heavy handed pieces of environmental propaganda I’ve ever seen, each with an explicit anti-human premise (and each bizarrely violent). 

In the first, sea monsters were waging war with sea creatures, only for both sides to suddenly stop fighting and realize that the real shared enemy they have is human beings who are polluting their home.  It ended with one of the performers turning to the audience and lecturing them on why it is wrong use plastic.

Another depicted a civilization known as “Windtopia”, where all energy is renewable.  The skit focused and a battle between the people of Windtopia and the – I’m trying to remember the term used – “Wind Destroyers”, I believe.  The Wind Destroyers were dressed in black (clearly symbolizing coal and oil), and the play ended with them being captured by a 8yr old Windtopia police officer wearing a riot helmet. 

The most disturbing aspect was how every other parent was beaming and nodding when I looked around.  All of them complicit in their children’s indoctrination as some modern day cultural revolutionaries.