The Queer Planet Edition

Justin and William witness former NIH Head Francis Collins admitting that Covid origins are not settled, a California city using taxpayer money to provide vodka for homeless alcoholics, and Peacock's Queer Planet. Justin also reviews If.

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Life on The Midside

  • Followup:
    • NYC to Dublin Portal shuts down temporarily due to “inappropriate behavior”
    • Exclusive: Former NIH Head Francis Collins Admits Covid Origins Not Settled, No Science to Back Social-Distance Guidance
  • The Most Magical Farce on Earth: Grannies Gone Wild
  • California City Uses Taxpayer Money to Provide Vodka for Homeless Alcoholics
  • Peacock’s Queer Planet

The Hopeful Bromantic with JML

  • Review
    • If
  • Trailer Takedown
    • My Penguin Friend
    • Never Let Go
    • It Ends With Us
    • Megalopolis