On Feburary 17th of this year, Larry Fong, Zack Snyder’s usual cinematographer, shared the following three tweets:

Combined, these tweets say one thing:

There is a Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League.

It’s important to note his last tweet, as there is post work to be done involving sound and other elements, but two things stand out.

  1. If picture is locked, there is a visually complete cut of Snyder’s version of Justice League that he edited from all the footage he shot. This completion includes elements such as color balance and color gradation because of Snyder’s work in the digital intermediate suite Company 8 as evidenced in his Vero post. The level of completion of the sound and music is unknown.
  2. These tweets were in mid-February. Snyder’s departure was announced in May. We don’t know how much more post work was done in the rest of Feburary and all of March and April.

Based on all of this information, Warner Bros could release a Snyder cut of Justice League without incurring much further cost as part of the eventual home media release of the movie. There may not even be any cost involved if the other elements such as sound mixing and scoring were completed.

Regardless, I would watch a Snyder movie with poor sound mixing and incomplete scoring because it would still be better than the large majority of movies. Would you?

If so, sign the petition for the release of the Snyder Cut today.