Welcome to The Midside. Here we witness the farce of the world that discourages you from being you.

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Justin M. Lesniewski


Justin is a writer, teacher, and coach who brings a tongue-in-cheek wit, incisive perspective, and intense passion to the show. As a born and raised Masshole, he’s an avid fan of the New England Patriots who strives to connect each and every topic to the greatness of Tom Brady (don’t remind him…) and/or Bill Belichick. He’s also a Snyder Cut Early Adopter.

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William Green


William is a business owner, a recovering hacker, and security manager. When he isn’t searching for great sci-fi he is playing games — poorly.

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Daniel T. (On Hiatus)


Daniel T. is a digital strategist, rhetorician, and folder of paper cranes. He was born in rural Illinois, lives in DC, but his heart belongs to Texas.

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James Elias (Retired)


James is a Math tutor and philosopher of mathematics from the Hills of White Privilege in California. In each episode he asks abstract questions to better understand the deeper issues that propel our journey. As a cisgender straight white male, he frequently attempts to ruin the show by explaining why jokes are funny.

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